Farewell from PTA Co-President Sonya Tinsley-Hook

By Liberty | July 12, 2017

I’d like to take a moment to share with you a message from our former PTA Co-President, Sonya Tinsley Hook, who has been an inspiration to me. This a good reminder why we volunteer and what makes our community special. It is in our collective efforts in making things positive and beautiful that make a whole world of difference. Thank you Sonya!

This message originally appeared as part of the last week of school blast sent last May 21, 2017.

Without a doubt, having the opportunity to serve as one of your Briarlake PTA Co-Presidents has been the privilege of a lifetime. The magic of Briarlake PTA is that it is not at all a one-person show…or even “a few people who do everything.” We could not accomplish all that we make happen each and every week without the 40+ parent volunteers who hold PTA Board and Committee Chair positions and the hundreds of you who volunteer and donate in big and small ways consistently through the year.

My faith in humanity has been constantly replenished as I have worked alongside the wonderful parents and staff in this community who give so much of their time so that Briarlake can offer so many programs, resources, and activities that would not otherwise be available for the children in this community. Our little school has accomplished some really big things together this past year (National PTA School of Excellence, AdvancED STEM certification, Top Ten finishers at State Science Olympiad just to name a few)…and I truly believe that the best is still yet to come. I’m excited to see all the wonderful things in store for Briarlake as so many seeds that we have planted together start to really take root and blossom.

I was passed this baton from a long line of outstanding PTA Co-Presidents and I am happy to now pass it on to two more amazing and dedicated women, Emily Graybill and Jennifer Petrich. In particular I would like to thank my fellow PTA Co-Presidents from the past two years, Emily Graybill for 2016-17 and Monica Cowles from 2015-16. I would also like to thank the two principals I have worked with as a PTA Co-President, Mrs Jamela Lewis and Ms. Mary Jenks. Briarlake has been fortunate to have principals who value parent involvement and appreciate what a strong PTA brings to our school.

My husband Jeep Hook and I strongly agree that the Briarlake community has been a fantastic place to raise our daughter Sophia, and we look forward to continuing to support this school as “alumni parents” and members of the larger Henderson-Lakeside community. Beavers for Life! 😃

Finally, my favorite quote is from Hazrat Inayat Khan who said “Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” It has been my goal to teach my daughter by example to live by these words and to do her best to help make any community that she finds herself in as beautiful as it can be. The beauty of Briarlake Elementary is that so many parents and staff clearly live by these words as well.

Wishing you everything good now and always– Sonya