Briarlake Elementary School Mission Statement

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Briarlake Elementary School is best defined by its neighborhood, its teachers and administration. Briarlake is part of a vital, diverse community that takes pride in the school and provides a strong base of support. The neighborhood is composed of a mix of apartments, condominiums, older homes and new in-fill housing. One of Briarlake’s strongest assets is the program for mainstreaming hearing impaired students in all aspects of instructional and curricular activities.

One School. One Community. One Success.


It is the mission of Briarlake to provide a highly effective academic environment that promotes initiative, leadership, creativity, compassion, and acceptance of diversity, so that our students can succeed in an ever-changing society, and become life-long learners.


It is the vision of Briarlake to inspire a community of learners to achieve educational excellence.


  • All students have the potential to succeed
  • All students thrive in a healthy, safe and supportive learning environment
  • Inclusion, diversity and compassion are assets that we embrace and promote
  • That we strive to be academically challenging and technologically savvy
  • That our teachers are highly educated professionals that positively impact our students
  • That when students make real life connections to the curriculum they are more likely to understand and remember what is taught
  • Students should take ownership of their learning
  • In collaboration.


Briarlake Elementary School
3590 LaVista Rd
Decatur, GA
Phone: (678) 874-2502
Fax: (678) 874-2510
Clinic: (678) 874-2507
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